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About Acumen Lawyers

Find out about Acumen Lawyers and how we're different

Acumen Lawyers is a boutique workplace relations and safety legal practice, based in the Brisbane CBD.

You will see that we’re different from the rest – in a good way.

When you first speak with us, we’re more likely to greet you with a heartfelt g’day rather than a cold, formal greeting.

We won’t wax lyrical here about our academic qualifications and hobbies.

Take it from us – we’re smart, we’re educated, and importantly – we understand the issues faced by you.

You have a problem or issue that you need help with

The fact that you’re looking at our website means you have an existing workplace issue or you’re trying to prevent one – a smart move already.

You’ve come to the right place – we are workplace problem solvers!

We aim to keep you out of trouble, so you can get on with the important things.

If workplace litigation or a dispute keeps you awake at night, we aim to extract you from it – in the right way, with the best possible solution.

But it’s one thing to know how to solve others’ problems …

We develop solutions for you.

Our real skills are the ability to communicate our advice to you as succinctly and simply as possible.

Our promise is that we speak “Greek to Greeks and Roman to Romans.”

You won’t hear us use the word “penultimate” or confusing fluff.

Let’s get to started on fixing your Workplace problems…

Are you an EMPLOYER needing legal advice?

Are you an EMPLOYEE needing legal assistance?

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