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How can we help Employees?

Your job is an important part of your life. 

It provides you with a good living, the opportunity to raise a family, buy a car and house, travel and build wealth for your retirement.

These are important privileges.  Employment laws are in place for good reason.  Employees who have their working life unfairly threatened should not stand for it.

Acumen Lawyers can help you with the right advice.

Are you an EMPLOYEE needing legal assistance?


Employment Contracts Problems?

Don’t understand it?  We turn gobbledygook into simple, everyday language.

Dodgy inclusions?  We know what should and shouldn’t be there.  Just because it’s in writing doesn’t mean it’s legal.

New employment contract being forced on you?  It’s not called an ‘agreement’ for nothing.  We know what your employer can’t do.  We know what you can do.  Just ask us.


Work Health and Safety

Your employers have a duty of care and to provide you with a safe system of work.

The laws are there for a good reason.

Is your employer not taking your safety seriously? Been threatened with dismissal for raising a safety issue?

Don’t gamble on your safety.  We can help protect your rights.


Unfair dismissal laws

Unfair dismissal laws stop you from being shown the door, without a good reason and a fair process.

Have you been unfairly dismissed? Do you want compensation or your job back?

We know how to do it.


Wrongly accused of poor performance or misconduct

Been called in unexpectedly for a ‘little chat’?

Confronted with allegations without a chance to defend yourself?

Do you know that a mere allegation or complaint is not actual proof of wrongdoing?

Do you know that illness or injury is not a performance issue? Your employer cannot ‘performance manage’ you for being away sick or hurt.

We know how to handle unfair allegations, simply and easily.


Off-limits questions in job interviews?

Been asked questions in a job interview that set off alarm bells? Been forced to answer questions in a job application form that you know is none of their business?

We know what they can’t ask. We know what they can say.

We know how you should respond.

It’s not always lost, we can help you keep your dream interview from turning into a nightmare.


Workplace Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

We know how you can stop workplace mistreatment while keeping you in your job.

What if they still don’t get the message?  We can get it in front of the industrial relations and anti-discrimination tribunals and argue your case.

Lost your job? Want it back or want compensation? Our advice demystifies the process.


Underpayment of wages

Underpaid wages?

Being paid a ‘salary’ when actually award covered?

Being worked excessively long hours?

We know how to ensure you’re paid correctly and not being worked till you drop.

White collar?  Blue collar?  We can help.


Unions Issues

Want to be in one / don’t want to be in one? The choice is yours.

We know how you can protect your rights and keep everyone off your back.


Sham Redundancy?

It’s the oldest trick in the book.

We may not be magicians, but we know how to stop the trick being pulled on you.


Workers Compensation

Need someone to help you submit a WorkCover application?

What if your workers’ comp application is challenged by your employer?

What about light duties?

It’s a minefield – we can unravel it for you.

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