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Latest Workplace Acumen

Beware the trap of the disgruntled employee – Part 2

Taking over an established business can be fraught with anxiety for employers.

The anxiety is not one-way and it can take time for a workplace under new ownership to return to its previous harmonious state.

In the final article of our two-part series we feature a dismissal case about the wrong way to manage a disgruntled employee who takes to Facebook.

Make this mistake and the FWC will be reaching for the ‘unfriend’ button.

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Beware the trap of the disgruntled employee – Part 1

Disgruntled employees with unresolved workplace issues can be difficult to manage.

Get it wrong and you can be in all sorts of legal trouble.

In part 1 of “Beware the trap of the disgruntled employee”, we feature a case which shows how not to handle a workplace dispute.

Find out how it went wrong for this employer, so it doesn’t happen to you.

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