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Abusive ‘workplace bully’ loses dismissal case

Abusive workplace bully loses dismissal case

When faced with a violent and aggressive employee who has a history of threatening and anti-social behaviour, it is tempting to ignore established practices and cut procedural corners.

This employer was tested to its limit by an employee who tried ‘every trick in the book’ including intimidation of the HR investigators.

Find out how the employer and its HR investigators managed to stay on track despite extremely trying circumstances.

FWC upholds HR investigation of ‘workplace clown’

FWC upholds HR investigation of 'workplace clown'

This employer’s investigation of a workplace ‘clown’ was no laughing matter.

Despite what some may consider to be a ‘harmless joke’ the employee’s mimicking of a co-worker’s accent was something more sinister.

Luckily a watertight workplace investigation process ensured its sacking of the employee withstood the scrutiny of the FWC.

Investigating the workplace jokester who denies any wrongdoing can be daunting.

Find out how this employer got it right.

Failed drug test employee also fails over dishonesty

Failed drug test employee also fails over dishonesty

For an employee of 4+ years, dishonesty during a workplace investigation into a positive drug test left him petitioning the FWC for his job back.

The ensuing unfair dismissal claim put the employer’s workplace investigation practices under the microscope before the FWC.

This is yet another case highlighting how employee dishonesty will impact the trust and confidence necessary in the employment relationship.

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